DECEMBER 16, 2004



1. Public Hearings & Presentation


A.    Bill 12B of 2004 Regarding Signs

B.    Fire Protection & Emergency Medical Service 2005 Contract

C. Moratorium Commission Land Use Report

D. Bill 7A of 2004 Rezoning 4-Q-244 from E.D.A. to Business


2. Clerk


A.     Minutes of October 13, 2004 & October 21, 2004


3. Treasurer


A.     Abstract of Vouchers

B.     October Report

C. Independent Audit Report


4. Reports


A. Building Department


B. Public Works


5. Public Comment


6. Old Business


A.     Park Maintenance 2005 Contract Insurance


B. Bay Walk Park & Shore Road Traffic Calming Up-Date

7. New Business


A. N.Y.S. Local Government Records Management Grant