March 14, 2005



1. Public Hearings


A. Bill 7A of 2004 Rezoning Delco Plaza to Business

B. Bill 13B of 2004 Rezoning Industrial Properties to Economic Development A

B. Bill 1 of 2005 Rezoning 4/J/754 from Senior Citizen to Apartment District


2. Clerk

A.                Minutes of: January 24, 2005; February 2, 2005; February 15, 2005

B.                 Board of Assessment Review

1. Senior Citizens Exemptions

2.     Veterans Exemptions

3.     Correction of Property Assessment Applications

4.     Assessment Roll Completed

C. Annual Meeting


3. Treasurer

A.                Abstract of Vouchers

B.                 January Report

C.                Independent Auditors


4. Reports


A. Building Department

B. Public Works

C. Environmental Commission


5. Public Comment


6. Old Business


A.    Drop Box Application - Cow Bay Contracting for Hollywood Video

B. Village History - 75th Anniversary


7. New Business


A.    Bill 2B of 2005 Amending Sign Regulations

B.     Sign Permit Applications: Bank of America; Hallmark; Suzy Q Nails

C.    Liability Insurance

D.    Bay Walk Park & Shore Road Grants

E.     Roadway Improvements Engineering

F.     Tree Preservation Analysis - Arborist

G.    Ace Hardware


8. Executive Session