February 2, 2005



1. Public Hearings


A. Bill 7A of 2004 - Rezoning Delco Plaza to Business

B. Bill 13B of 2004 Rezoning Industrial Properties to Economic Dev. A

2. Clerk


A.                Minutes of December 16, 2004 & January 10, 2005

B.                 Tentative Assessment Roll

C.                General Village Election

D.                Appointment of Election Inspectors

E.                 Tax Returns 2004


3. Treasurer

A.                Abstract of Vouchers

B.                 December Report

C.                Independent Audit Report

D.                Budget Modifications


4. Reports


A.                Building Department

B.                 Public Works

C.                Environmental Commission


5. Public Comment


6. Old Business

A.                Bill 1 of 2005 Rezoning Applied for by Danaher Motion Systems

B. Sandy Hollow Associates 4/J/754 - Environmental Analysis


7. New Business


A. Hollywood Video Drop Box Application

B. History of Port Washington North Joan Kent

C. Residence C District Zoning


8. Executive Session Contract Negotiations