A Special Meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Village of Port Washington North was held on Monday, January 24, 2005 at 8:00pm at the Village Hall, 71 Old Shore Road, Port Washington, New York.


Present:       Mayor                                       -        Thomas J. Pellegrino

                   Trustees                          -        Steven Cohen

                                                                        -        Gary Levi

                                                          -        Michael Schenkler

-                      Robert Weitzner

Attorney                         -        Stephen Limmer

Clerk                               -        Palma Torrisi



The Board discussed Bill 13B of 2004 and directed the Building Department to prepare an inventory, indicating the lot sizes, of all properties in the Industrial Zone.


On motion of Trustee Levi, seconded by Trustee Schenkler, it was unanimously RESOLVED that the meeting be and hereby is adjourned at 10:00 p.m.



Palma Torrisi, Village Clerk