The next time you turn the corner of Radcliffe Avenue and Soundview Drive, glance over at the fence area that borders the Publishers Clearing House property. What you will see is a barren unsightly eyesore. This “eyesore” will be changed for the better. The dead trees, patches of weeds and overgrowth will be gone. In its place will be a manicured seasonal garden with perennials blooming throughout the spring and summer. There will be shrubs of different shapes and colors and space for the planting of bulbs in the fall and annuals in the spring. Thus, the Port Washington North Community Garden will be born.

The project is being driven by Trustee Robert Weitzner. Mr. Weitzner states that, “I have lived in Port North for fourteen years and every time I have driven by that corner, I recognized it as a gateway to our Village and always envisioned something special there. The beauty of this project is that we brought together private individuals, corporations, and non-profit organizations in order to fund the project. The Port North Community Garden will be completed at NO COST to the taxpayers. Upon completion, our Village will pay for two signs which will be installed to display the name of the garden and give credit to our contributors.” Among the major contributors is Publishers Clearing House, which owns most of the property being developed. Publishers has provided a generous monetary contribution which will go toward paying for planning, materials and labor costs. In addition, they will provide the water for an irrigation system and will maintain the garden. Moreover, Publishers is going to replace the stockade fence that runs along Radcliffe Avenue. Peter Dejana has given a most generous sum of money for the purchase of materials. Residents for a Most Beautiful Port Washington provided the services of Karen Eckart, a professional horticulturist, who designed the garden. The irrigation system is to be installed by Cow Bay Landscaping and Sprinklers. Tree removal will be done by Frank Hefferin of Hefferin Tree Landscaping Contracting. The much needed labor is to be supplied by Calabrese and Sons, John Maura Brothers Landscaping and Bayles Garden Center. Green Jeans and John Nocco Jr. are supplying expertise and invaluable assistance. The assistance and effort of the North Hempstead Business Association’s Landscaping Committee has been invaluable. This truly is a remarkable consortium. A heartfelt thanks to all. The Garden will begin to take shape towards the end of September, with a public bulb planting date somewhere around the first week in October. This event will serve as a springboard for the debut of the Port Washington North Community Garden Committee.

Any residents interested planting bulbs and annuals in our Garden are most welcome to join. The Committee is looking for another site for nest year. Anyone interested please call our Village at 883-5900 or e-mail

(added 2004)

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