May 2013

Message from the Mayor

May 1, 2013

Greetings Port North Residents,

This is the first of what I hope to be many updates that will be put up on our website.

For starters, the Village held elections for Mayor and two Trustee positions this past March. The turnout was fantastic. In fact, our records show that it was the largest turnout in Village history.

The Village adopted the 2013-2014 Village Budget, a copy of which you can now find in the Finance section of our website. The increase was 1.9%; below the State mandated cap of 2%. The Village has kept tax increases under 2% for the past 6 years, well before the mandate was even enacted.

We are still looking to sell our 7.5 acres of land for the purpose of securing the open space by Shore Road (some of which is currently fenced in) and Publishers Clearinghouse. Given the market pressure we are facing in soliciting attractive bid candidates with which we are prepared to move forward on a sale of the 7.5 acres, we may consider other financial alternates to secure the open, shorefront land.  I’ll keep you updated as developments occur.


  • You may have noticed that along Radcliff Ave. there is a new beige poly/vinyl fence. The Village worked with Publishers Clearinghouse to not only remove the old fence destroyed by Sandy, but install a longer lasting fence with greater aesthetic appeal.
  • You may have noticed another piece of art in the Bay Walk. Artist Jerry Shore donated “Red Sails” to the park recently. He is the same artist that did the “Snow Birds” piece. We thank Jerry for his contributions.
  • Welcome “Soundview Cinemas” to Port North. Finally, after years of encountering red tape and negotiating, we have a state-of-the-art movie theatre back in Soundview. Please come by to see its unique medieval theme. It’s really spectacular.
  • Speaking of new arrivals, Moo La La is open for business in the Stop and Shop Center. Owner Bob Rosenberg is behind the counter and ready to serve you the best yogurt in Port North.
  • You will start to see new trees being planted throughout the Village. We are using a $10,000 donation we received from our Harbor Road business owners at ShakeNgo to plant 20 trees this spring. Once our new fiscal year begins on June 1, we should be able to replace the remaining trees that were lost due to Superstorm Sandy. We are hopeful we will receive grant money back from the State for the purchase and planting of the trees. The species is Zelkova Serrata. This is the species we have been using to replace the pear trees in our Village that appear to be susceptible to snapping during storms and should hold up considerably better within the three foot grass utility strips that line our roads.


We have two new Commissioners:

  • Matthew Kepke is now our Commissioner of Communications. He is responsible            for improving and updating our website and improve the frequency and content of information provided to the Village, as well as how this information is disseminated.  This includes using Facebook, Twitter, and our Village alert system.
  • Howard Roth, a resident of Mill Pond Acres, has volunteered to become our new Parks & Beautification Commissioner. He will work with our parks maintenance company as well as Superintendent of Public Works Ron Novinski to ensure our parks and streets look great, our trees are replanted, and annuals are planted both in spring and fall throughout the Village.

The Board has passed law creating an amnesty period for residents who may have outstanding permitting issues. This will allow you to satisfy all older Village Building Dept. requirements without any penalties being assessed. Please contact Village Hall for more information.


  • Please be aware that all landscapers need to be registered with the Village. In addition, no gas powered equipment can be used by landscapers on weekends and holidays. Homeowners are exempt from this provision.
  • We will continue to urge all residents to sign up with to receive valuable emergency information. We will also be sending Village updates periodically through this system. So please go to and sign up. If you do not have access to a computer or cell phone, please join the new Port North Emergency Contact Registry and we will manually provide you with important announcements and information.
  • Please remember to curb you dog and most importantly clean up after them. We have received numerous complaints regarding finding unwanted waste on lawns throughout the Village. Please be courteous and bring a bag with you to properly pick up and dispose of dog droppings.

As always, if you need to contact me directly, please email at or call me on my cell phone at 516-233-9581. And please visit our website at for information on a number of topics.


Bob Weitzner

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